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     Drick achieved the official SGS certification supplier of Alibaba and add seven new software copyrights.


Drick has earned six new software copyrights and seven utility model patents.


        Drick becomes a long-term partner of Luhua Group

        Drick becomes a long-term partner of Yantai Rongchang Pharmaceutical

        Drick Drug Stability Test Chamber Software Upgrade

        Drick's European and American international market performance hit a new high

        Drick becomes a long-term partner of Chongqing University


        Drick launches optoelectronic instruments

        Drick environmental testing equipment is fully online

        Drick and Tsinghua University successfully cooperated

        Drick implements a new talent program

        Drick signed a cooperation agreement with Shandong Normal University and Jinan University.


       Drick launches new environmental testing solution

       Drick Textile Project is fully launched

       Drick Europe and the United States international market record high

       Drick becomes a long-term partner of Nanjing Aerospace University

       Drick becomes the general agent of IDM China in Australia


        Drick becomes a long-term partner of Foxconn Group and Shandong Agricultural University

        Equipment such as Derry Clark Tester entered the company of Beixin Group

        Drick double-head bursting instrument obtained the utility model patent certificate of the State Intellectual Property Office

        Drick participated in the 2013 China International Corrugated Exhibition

        Drick touch screen carton compression testing machine put on the market

        Director of the Jinan Science and Technology Bureau, Ma, etc., inspected Drick


        Drick and Haier Hisense collaborate to create a paper product laboratory

        Luhua Group, such as Derrick Paper Phase Compressor, entered the “National Feast of the Great Hall of the People”

        Drick anti-friction testing machine and other equipment settled in the century-old enterprise RENGO

        Drick's first double-headed bursting instrument was successfully developed to fill this gap in China.

        Drick High Precision Paper Electronic Tear Tester is recognized by Intertek Group

        Secretary General Sun Jiansheng of Shandong Software Industry Association visited Drick to inspect and guide


        1,500 square meters of new office building of Drick Jinan Times Headquarters successfully purchased

        Drick introduces touch screen control carton compression testing machine

        Guo Kechang, Jinan Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau and his party went to Drick for investigation

        Director Ma Xiao, Department of Mechanics, Shandong Institute of Metrology, etc.

        Director Wang of the Jinan Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau and other four people came to Drick to guide the work.

        Drick's heavy-duty packaging carton quality testing laboratory was built in Tri-Wall Thailand branch in the US

        Drick's new packaging compression tester unveiled at the 2011 China International Color Box Exhibition

        Drick's custom non-standard electronic universal testing machine won the praise of Australian Autofab

        Drick assists Kelun Pharmaceutical Group to build a national unified carton quality inspection platform


        Drick's Chinese, English, French and Western languages are launched, and the internationalization process is speeding up.

        Drick launches the first double-headed burst tester in China

        Drick received support from the Jinan Municipal Bureau of Commerce for export funding

        Four products such as Drick Compression Tester passed the EU CE certification

        Drick carton anti-pressure machine settled in the world's top 500 first Royal Shell three oil companies

        Five softwares such as Drick Compression Tester were awarded the copyright certificate of the State Intellectual Property Office.

        Drick Compression Tester and Carton Compressor Enterprise Standard passed the review by the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau


        Drick implements a new strategic plan:

        The new 15,000 square meter factory in Yucheng was officially completed.

        Yucheng 4000 square meters office building officially completed

        Drick receives the right to self-manage import and export

        Drick launches China's first short-distance compression tester

        Drick fully introduces the "CRM" customer relationship management system

        Drick carton compression testing machine passed the EU CE certification

        Drick Melt Indexer products have passed EU CE certification

        Singapore agents come to Drick for training

        Drick became a student internship base at the College of Packaging, Tianjin University of Science and Technology.


        Drick flame retardant testing equipment successfully launched

        Drick participated in the 2008 Asia's largest paper fair in Bangkok, Thailand

        Drick launches China's first powder anti-caking tester

        Drick products unveiled at Pakistan International Plastics, Printing and Packaging Industry Exhibition

        Drick participates in the New Delhi Paper Fair in India

        Drick is licensed to produce products


        Drick and Kexiao reached a strategic cooperation agreement to provide a complete set of Qs certification products.

        Drick establishes a laboratory for quality inspection instruments in the paper, packaging and printing industries

        Drick's first desktop paper tensile strength testing machine was introduced to the market


        Drick first proposed the concept of professional manufacturer of testing instruments for the paper, packaging and printing industries.

        Drick moved to Jinan Tianqiao Industrial Development Zone to expand production scale

        Drick became the student practice base of the Automation Department of Shandong University


        Drick introduces the first high-precision aluminum film thickness gauge

        Drick sponsors the Shandong University Automation Department Graduate Scholarship

        Drick's bilingual website is opened to establish an international market development strategy


        Drick established the paper industry testing instrument as the key development direction

        Drick's first portable paper moisture meter is on the market

        Drick and technical cooperation with Shandong University Robotics Research Center

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