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New Year 2017, we need the following elites:

1. Chief Financial Officer (1)


1. Bachelor degree or above in accounting or finance, with CPA qualification preferred;

2. More than 5 years of financial management experience, or more than 3 years of similar management experience;

3. Familiar with accounting, auditing, taxation, financial management, accounting computerization, relevant laws and regulations;

4. Proficiency in advanced financial management software and office software;

5. Excellent financial analysis, financing and fund management skills;

6, good organization, coordination, good communication skills and teamwork spirit.

2. Regional Sales Director (2)



1. Bachelor degree or above, more than five years of relevant industry work experience, more than three years of team management experience, relevant target customer group experience is preferred;

2. Have rich marketing experience and keen market insight, have a deep understanding of the economy of the area under its jurisdiction, and be familiar with the market conditions of the areas under its jurisdiction;

3, with advanced management concepts, strong leadership, communication and coordination capabilities and executive control capabilities;

4, work plan is good, strong sense of responsibility, able to withstand greater work pressure, can adapt to long-term business trips.

3. Software Engineer (2)


1. Computer related professional background, college degree or above;

2, proficient in VB, VC.

3. Familiar with Oracle database and have certain experience in PL/SQL language;

4. Proficiency in the development of .NET Framework (C#) or DELPHI, and the development of C/S and B/S architecture applications;

5, work rigorous and pragmatic, strong sense of responsibility, clear organization, good at learning and summary, good teamwork spirit and communication and coordination.

4, cashier (2)

1. College degree or above in accounting, finance, etc., with accounting qualification certificate;

2. Understand the national financial and economic policies, accounting and tax regulations, and be familiar with the bank settlement business;

3. Familiar with the processing of accounting statements and skilled use of financial software;

4. Good at handling process affairs, good learning ability, independent work ability and financial analysis ability;

5, meticulous work, strong sense of responsibility, good communication skills, teamwork.

5. Sales Manager (5)

1. College degree or above, major in marketing or other related fields;

2, more than 3 years of sales industry work experience, sales management work experience is preferred;

3. With rich customer resources and customer relationships, excellent performance;

4. Have strong market analysis, marketing, promotion ability and good interpersonal communication, coordination ability, ability to analyze and solve problems;

5. Have a strong career and have certain leadership skills.

6. International trade (2)

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in international trade or foreign trade English;

2. More than 3 years of relevant field management experience, and work experience in foreign-related fields is preferred;

3. Familiar with the various processes of trade work and related laws and regulations, familiar with trade terms, logistics, customs declaration and tax knowledge;

4. Have strong listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, and be proficient in computer office software;

5. Good management, communication, problem-solving skills, good negotiation skills, strong sense of responsibility, and strong resistance to stress.

We offer you: elegant office environment, competitive salary, weekends, legal holidays, annual leave, social security, holiday benefits, generous bonuses and a wide range of promotion opportunities.

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