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DRK208 Melt Flow Rate Tester

DRK208 Melt Flow Rate Tester

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Detection project:  Melt Flow Rate Testing
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DRK208Melt Flow Rate Tester is used for measuring melt flow rate of polyethylene, polypropylene, polyformaldehyde, ABS resin, polycarbonate, nylon fluoroplastic and other polymers at high temperature according to the test method of GB3682-2018. It is suitable for production and research in factories, enterprises and scientific research institutes.

Product details

Main characteristics:

1、Extrude the discharge part

Discharge port diameter: φ 2.095±0.005 mm

Discharge port length: 8.000±0.005 mm

Diameter of charging barrel: φ 9.550±0.005 mm

Length of charging barrel: 160±0.1 mm

Piston rod head diameter: 9.475±0.005 mm

Length of piston rod head: 6.350±0.100 mm

2、Standard test Force (Grade 8)

Grade 1:0.325kg = (piston rod + weight tray + heat insulation sleeve + no. 1 weight body)

= 3.187 N

Grade 2:1.200kg =(0.325+ No.2 0.875 weight)= 11.77N

Grade 3:2.160kg =(0.325+ No.3 1.835 weight)= 21.18N

Grade 4:3.800 kg=(0.325+ no.4 3.475 weight)= 37.26N

Grade 5:5.000 kg=(0.325+ no.5 4.675 weight)= 49.03N

Grade 6:10.000 kg=(0.325+ No.5 4.675 weight + No.6 5.000 weight)= 98.07N

Grade 7:12.000 kg=(0.325+ no.5 4.675 weight + No.6 5.000+ No.7 2.500 weight)= 122.58N

Grade 8:21.600 kg=(0.325+ number 2 0.875 weight + Number 3 1.835+ Number 4

3.475+5 4.675+6 5.000+7 2.500+8 2.915 weight)= 211.82N

Relative error of weight 0.5%.

3、Temperature range50-300

4、Constant temperature precision:±0.5℃。

5、Power supply220V±10%    50Hz

6、Working environment: ambient temperature is 10-40; The relative humidity of the environment is 30%-80%; No corrosive medium around, no strong air convection; There is no vibration and strong magnetic field interference around.

7、Instrument dimensions250×350×600=L×W×H

Structure and working principle:

Melt flow rate meter is an extruded plastic meter. It is in the specified temperature conditions, with high temperature heating furnace to make the measured material to achieve melting state. The molten state of the measured material, under the specified weight load gravity through a certain diameter of the hole extrusion test. In the plastics production of industrial enterprises and the research of scientific research institutes, "melt (mass) flow rate" is often used to express the fluidity, viscosity and other physical properties of polymer materials in the melting state. The so-called melting index refers to the average weight of each section of the sample extruded into 10 minutes of extrusion.

Melt (mass) flow rate meter is expressed by MFR, the unit is: g/ 10 min (g/min) Formula: MFR(θ, mnom)                       =tref  .m/t

In the formula θ——  Test temperature

          mnom—  Nominal load Kg

           m ——  The average mass of the cut g

          tref ——  Reference time10min, S ( 600s )

           t  ——  Time interval for cutting s

The instrument is composed of heating furnace and temperature control system and installed on the fuselage (column) base.

The temperature control part adopts single-chip microcomputer to adjust the power and control the temperature, which has strong anti-interference ability, high temperature control precision and stable control. The heating wire in the furnace is wound on the heating rod according to a certain law to minimize the temperature gradient and meet the standard requirements.

Matters needing attention:

1、Single power socket must have grounding wire hole, and reliable grounding.

2、If there is abnormal display on the LCD, it should be shut down first, and then reset the test temperature and start the work.

3、In normal operation, if the furnace temperature is more than 300, software protection, heating interruption, and alarm.

4、If there are abnormal phenomena, such as temperature control, can not display, etc., should be shut down for maintenance,

5、When cleaning the piston rod, do not scrape with hard objects. 

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