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DRK-K646 Automatic Digestion Instrument

DRK-K646 Automatic Digestion Instrument

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Product description

DRK-K646 automatic digestion instrument is a fully automatic digestion equipment adhering to the design concept of "reliability, intelligence, and environmental protection", which can automatically complete the digestion process of the Kjeldahl nitrogen experiment. DRK-K646 can be matched with 20-digit or 8-digit digestion instrument according to the sample volume in the laboratory; at the same time, it adopts the Android intelligent operating system, and the main unit is combined with the lifting device and the exhaust gas neutralization device to realize the automation of the entire digestion process.

Product details

Main feature

1. Fully automated operation, using Android operating system, can synchronously control the lifting device and the exhaust gas neutralization device, which effectively improves the efficiency of the experiment and reduces the risk of exhaust gas leakage.

2. It is equipped with a lifting device as standard, and the digestion tube rack is automatically lifted and lowered with the progress of the experiment, which reduces the operation of experimental staff and saves cooling time.

3. The use of aluminum deep-hole heating module can improve the heating effect of the digestion apparatus and avoid bumping.

4. Ceramics and air ducts are used for heat insulation, which has excellent heat preservation ability and effectively reduces the energy consumption of the digestion instrument.

5. Real-time monitoring function, the actual temperature can be displayed in real time and the heating curve can be recorded during the experiment, and the changes in the experiment can be understood and reviewed.

6. Built-in storage space of more than 8G, can store unlimited amount of experimental information, and can query the historical resolution plan and heating curve at any time.

7. More than 20 recommended solutions are built-in, which can be called directly, and more than 500 groups of digestion methods can be customized and stored, which is simple and easy to use.

8. The heating rate is controllable, and the fuzzy adaptive PD temperature control algorithm is adopted. While the temperature is accurately controlled, the heating rate can be adjusted according to the experimental situation to adapt to different sample pre-processing.

9. It meets the requirements of 21 CFR Part11, and can carry out authority management and operation log storage.

10. With cloud service function, you can upload and download experimental methods and historical data, realize method sharing and permanent backup of historical data.

11. There are two data transmission methods, WiFi and USB, to backup and view historical data.

12. The whole shell adopts advanced anti-corrosion and wear-resistant Teflon coating, which can withstand high temperature and strong acid corrosion.

13. Rapid cooling and efficiency improvement: The standard automatic lifting device does not require personnel to be on duty. After the experiment is completed, the digestion rack is automatically raised to quickly cool down; at the same time, the instrument has an independent cooling rack, which is flexible and compact, and the sample can be quickly cooled to room temperature.

14. Intelligent control and unattended operation: The digester adopts Android operating system, and the host can synchronously control the lifting device and the exhaust gas neutralization device without separate operation. The lifting and lowering of the digestion pipe and the exhaust gas absorption intensity can be adjusted in real time along with the experiment process.

15. Multi-protection, safe and reliable: multiple alarm settings are required. When overvoltage, overcurrent, overheating and faults occur, the instrument will automatically alarm.

Technical indicators


Room temperature + 5 c - 450 ℃ ℃

The temperature control accuracy: ±1°

Heating mode: Electric heat pipe heat conduction

The digestive tube: 300 ml

Processing power: 20 / batch

Lifting gear: The standard

The exhaust system: The standard

Absorption system: optional

The data transfer: WIFl, USB

The power supply: AC 220±10%V(50±1)Hz

Rated power: 2300W

Dimensions (l X W X H): 607mmx309mmx680mm

Net weight:  21кg

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